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abc home Unveils Large-Scale Crystal Exhibition

abc home Unveils Large-Scale Crystal Exhibition

abc carpet & home announces an exhibition of the largest, museum-quality quartz crystal clusters found in nature. Showcased in abc’s holiday windows, these naturally occurring mineral formations feature exceptional clarity, size, and shape. They range from 150 pounds to 1300 pounds each, with the largest measuring nearly five feet across, four feet wide, and three feet deep.

December 2019. Crystal exhibit holiday windows at abc carpet & home at 888 Broadway.

Quartz is believed by many cultures to have healing and harmonizing properties, connecting the body to the mind. “The colors and high frequencies of these stones serve to illuminate any sacred space, including the ones within ourselves,” said co-founder of abc, Paulette Cole. “They are a reminder of Mother Earth and the gem within her.” The crystals were sustainably and ethically sourced from the Zigras Mine in the Ouachita Mountains of Arkansas by Avant Mining, the largest quartz crystal mining company in the world.

Other specimens from this discovery are now part of geology collections at the Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History and the American Museum of Natural History, among others. The exhibition is at abc through January and select stones are available for purchase.

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