Liz Galloway

Liz Galloway has danced with locals in Beirut, been lost in a maze of Marrakech souks, worked with Indigenous people in Costa Rica, hiked the highest mountain in Indochina, flown a helicopter, jumped from planes, bridges and cliffs, swam with whale sharks, manta rays, turtles, seals, hammerheads, and some humans. She has contributed travel features to Luxury Report, along with Matador, Yoga Digest, Vamoose Outdoors, Bad Yogi, HER Magazine, Spa Opportunities, Pulse, East Asia Backpackers and many other digital and print outlets. You can listen to her on the E-Health and Women Entrepreneur's podcasts or find her health juice book on Amazon Kindle. She also connects people with transformative travel to break personal boundaries with an online coaching space and in personal adventure retreats with the Wild Adventure Wellness brand. When she is not eating french fries or sipping wine, you can find her working with travel brands or scouting new locations. Connect with Liz online.

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