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Avrame DIY Homes

Avrame DIY Homes

Avrame diy homes by Mr. Indrek Kuldkepp, wooden house

Avrame is led by Mr. Indrek Kuldkepp – a man with several years of experience from international wooden house markets. Thanks to him “having grown” into the industry (his father owned a successful wooden house company he used to work for), Kuldkepp developed an industry instinct that has served him well over the years. Needless to say, Avrame is no exception.

Awrame diy homes by Mr. Indrek Kuldkepp, wooden house

“The problem is simple,” he explains. “In many cases, the houses that are sold are expensive, both, from a sales point of view and from a maintenance perspective as well. It’s not uncommon that a house that’s cheap to purchase proves a (financial) nightmare to maintain and vice versa,” Kuldkepp adds.

Avrame diy homes by Mr. Indrek Kuldkepp, wooden house

According to him, since in most cases people purchase an already built house, it comes with bells and whistles that will cost a new homeowner an arm and a leg in the long run. “Luckily the solution is simple as well,” Kuldkepp says.

DIY homes. Really?

DIY is a buzzword that’s used quite often, but quite never in the context of housing. “We aim to change that,” Kuldkepp says. “Avrame offers affordable housing that one can build on his own. Just like a furniture company ships the customer the pieces and instructions you need to build your cabinet or shelf, the same can be done with a house,” Kuldkepp adds. “To the future homeowner, this translates into significantly lower costs.”

Avrame diy homes by Mr. Indrek Kuldkepp, wooden house

The way Kuldkepp has managed to do this is to “rebuild” houses from scratch. “We really started from zero, with our architects and engineers innovating every step of the way,” he explains. “There was no other way to do this.”

According to Kuldkepp, offering this “simplicity” in a dwelling is not as easy as it sounds, as the main question is: what to keep and what not.

“On one hand you have to keep the dwelling a functional one, while removing the rest to keep only the essential,” he explains. “And that takes a lot of time and testing figuring that out.”

Avrame diy homes by Mr. Indrek Kuldkepp, wooden house

In addition to the previous, one can have a say in what to add and what not, thus, not paying needlessly extra. Avrame offers the customer only the essentials. If the customer wishes – and only if he wishes – he could then add all the bells and all the whistles he likes, but that’s entirely up to him.

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