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Beauty Trend 2020: Face Fitness

Beauty Trend 2020: Face Fitness

If you’ve wondered what the beauty secrets and trends for 2020 are, here is our take on it. One of the biggest fads next year are going to be different tools and applications for what we like to call face fitness. It tightens, brightens and firms your skin and works wonders.

What are we going to see on the market and online this year?

Face rollers

These are already known but there are many new different types coming out. These face rollers can be rose quartz or jade rollers and are made out of stones. But they can also have metal ends which do not roll and purely massage the forehead, T-zone and eye area. They reduce puffiness and make the skin tight and firm. So better schedule your weekly face workouts as well as your body exercise cause it’s a real thing!


They are quite original in the fact that there have been cups, silicone or others, used in massage studios for reducing cellulite on the thighs and legs. However, now we see that there are also cups for the face – they are used the same way and the idea is to reduce wrinkles, puffiness, and revitalize the skin. The sensation is not painful, it’s just tingling because the size of the cups is of course smaller.

After-gym care

Just like when we train our body, we need a special drink to preserve the muscles, the same way we need proper relaxation when we train the face muscles. After reducing the wrinkles and tightening the skin, the face needs to rest. You can achieve that by applying a sleeping eye mask. It’s a cotton mask (see Holy Golightly in Breakfast in Tiffany’s) and the latest fad are self-warming masks that are activated by the touch of skin just after a few seconds.

But unless…

Just like with body workouts, some people can be quite reluctant, due to lack of time or they just don’t want to do it. And in those cases, they go for a plastic surgery or go to a cosmetic studio for a water draining massage. When it comes to your face muscles, there is also an alternative.

To get an instant face lift, follow the latest fashion and apply face tape – it’s a special tape with a thin head band that goes around your head – the two ends are stuck to the temples and the eyes instantly become cat-eye shaped.

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