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Best Spots to Date in NYC

Best Spots to Date in NYC

Based on the survey from NYC members of dating App Prospr, a dating app targeting women 30+. here are some exciting dating spots for your next date in New York City to wow your crush.

1. Ice Skating, Rockefeller Center, Central Park

The ice rinks of Manhattan stand for perfect romance. Plan your trip there when the forecast calls for light snowfall to maximize your date.

Members of the dating app Prospr agree that there is nothing more satisfying than the joy of gliding across the ice with a sharp wind on one’s rosy cheeks and a wide grin frozen to your face. NYC is equipped with ice rinks across the city, the most notable ones on Rockefeller Center ($25, reserve online) and Central Park ($12-19). After taking numerous rounds, complete your date with mugs of steaming hot cocoa.

2. Kick Axe Throwing, Gowanus Bar Brooklyn

If you are not the romantic type of couple (or even if you are and you want to try something different) head to Gowanus in Brooklyn. Gowanus bar Kick Axe promises a space that encourages rather than shames the embedding of hatchets into walls with great force and fury.

Let it all out on the huge 7,000-square-foot bar, with 10 throwing ranges. You will find experts who explain the rules and safety protocols, beer and wine, and a lodge atmosphere that includes a photo area in lumberjack style.

Reserving a 75-minute axe-throwing session online costs $35 per person, while walk-in sessions cost $28. For those days in need of a nice place to chat and having some good food and drinks

3. Marlow & Sons, Williamsburg

If you are looking for a classic insider place for now and then, you can sit in a dark room, have excellent chicken with drinks and chat for hours. This tiny bar is near the Williamsburg bridge. You and your love won’t be disappointed.

4. Ampersand, Manhattan

This place is quite enough to have a stimulating conversation and even won’t break your wallet in the middle of Manhattan. You should definitely share the fish tacos and a spicy Margarita in this dim lit spot on E 23rd Street. It’s buzzing but never crowded, has a cozy and casual feeling at the same time and should be perfect for your next date.

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