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Cove, A Breakthrough Wearable Device to Reduce Stress And Improve Sleep

Cove, A Breakthrough Wearable Device to Reduce Stress And Improve Sleep

Feelmore Labs, an innovative wellness technology company driven by neuroscience, unveiled its inaugural product: Cove, a new wearable consumer device that is scientifically proven to effortlessly reduce stress and improve sleep. Using cutting-edge, patented neuroscience technology, the device silently applies gentle vibrations behind the ears that initiate a natural biological pathway between the skin and the brain. By harnessing this connection, Cove is able to activate the part of the brain that regulates anxiety, leading to a profound and durable sense of calm. 

With Cove, Feelmore Labs is filling a void within the wearable tech category, delivering a product that actively improves your wellbeing and has proven results. Scientific studies show that consistent daily use of the device in 20-minute increments results in reduced stress and enhanced sleep, ultimately improving resilience to stress. Poised to be the future of self-care, Cove may be worn at any time to reduce stress — during the course of the day while doing other things, like working, or at night before bed to help the user fall asleep faster and sleep longer.

“Particularly during these challenging times, many of us are facing stress, uncertainty, fear, and doubt. The traditional ways to overcome and manage these feelings have yet to naturally activate resilience, which is where Feelmore Labs and Cove comes in,” said Francois Kress, Co-Founder, and CEO of Feelmore Labs. “Cove was created as a simple tool to effortlessly build resilience to stress, better equipping you to deal with it as it arises, while also improving sleep. As Cove doesn’t require dedicated time or effort, our goal is for users to seamlessly incorporate it into their daily routines, using it as a resource to find a healthy balance between stress and relaxation. Cove helps you put on peace of mind.”

Over a four-year span, clinical studies found that more than 90% of participants who used Cove for 30 days experienced a stress reduction of 41% and a sleep quality improvement of nearly 50%. These results show Cove’s promise versus other solutions like meditation, which according to a 2014 Johns Hopkins Medicine study, only improved anxiety symptoms by 5-10%.

The Cove device comes with a companion app (available on iPhone and Android) that can be used to view session history, check stats and streaks, and keep a progress journal. In the near future, heart rate and motion data collected during each session will be used to report stress measurements of the user. With the comfort of the user in mind, the app does not need to be used during Cove sessions; however, it is recommended to check it between sessions for a more complete experience and to support consistent daily use of the device.

Feelmore Labs is backed by major venture capital firms including True Ventures, ARCH Venture Partners, and M13, and is led by a diverse team of scientists, medical professionals, and business and technology executives. Its scientific advisory board is made up of experts in neuromodulation, mood disorders, and sleep science from top institutions including Brown University and Harvard Medical School.

Cove will be available to consumers starting Fall 2020 and can be purchased online at

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