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Award-Winning Cannabis Sleep Brand dreamt Releases 30-Night Tincture

Award-Winning Cannabis Sleep Brand dreamt Releases 30-Night Tincture

California cannabis brand dreamt has followed up its award-winning sleep pen with a 30-night tincture, designed to bring restorative sleep in an affordable, easy-to-dose form.

dreamt is the first cannabis brand to focus on developing science-backed products for sleep. With more than 100 million Americans reporting regular difficulty sleeping and as many as 74% of cannabis consumers using it for sleep, dreamt fills an unmet need for cannabis products that really work for sleep.

“I’m very excited to bring this tincture to the market,” said Carolina Vazquez Mitchell, dreamt’s founder and Chief Scientific Officer, who first developed dreamt’s formula to treat her own sleep issues during her PhD studies at USC. “The formula is incredibly effective, and the feedback that we have received so far has been very positive.”

Award-Winning Cannabis Sleep Brand dreamt Releases 30-Night Tincture
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dreamt’s tincture is designed for those with problems falling asleep and staying asleep. The 2oz tincture contains THC (5mg per dose), CBD (2mg per dose), MCT oil, alcohol, melatonin, valerian root and terpenes, and is sugar-free, carbohydrate-free and gluten-free.

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“While it was always our plan to adapt dreamt’s formula to fit a variety of consumption preferences, we fast-tracked the development of our tincture on account of COVID-19,” adds Vazquez Mitchell. “People want affordable, non-inhalable ways to consume, and many people are turning to cannabis for sleep. Our tincture is designed specifically to meet the public where they are right now.”

dreamt’s precise formula helps to restore a natural balance to your sleep by bringing together a variety of proven sleep-inducing compounds in a precise formulation. THC and CBD help increase deep sleep but are known to interfere with REM sleep. dreamt’s tincture uses melatonin, valerian root, and terpenes to increase REM, and thus balancing the formula and giving you restorative, nourishing sleep.

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