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FlightHub and JustFly’s 10 Point Packing Checklist When Going on a Ski Trip

FlightHub and JustFly’s 10 Point Packing Checklist When Going on a Ski Trip

Besides  the obvious things like packing skis, goggles and helmet, here’s a list from FlightHub and JustFly outlining some things travelers may not have considered. Writing a packing list and laying out exactly what to bring at least 2 weeks in advance should be the first step in relieving stress when it comes to travel. This way travelers will be able to see everything they have, determine what is a necessity, identify anything they might be missing and anything that they could easily live without. Packing is all about being organized, calm and cool.

1.  Portable phone charger

Phone batteries die quicker in cold weather so having a portable charger is super convenient. They’re generally quite small and easily fit into a jacket pocket, plus  they can be used on or off the slopes.

2. Neck warmer

The neck warmer is a skier’s best friend for a cold winter day. Way more convenient and comfortable than a scarf to protect the neck and face. The perfect stay-warm accessory.

3. Lip balm           

Never leave the house without at least 2 different lip balms. The cold will dry out lips instantly, so keeping a stick in a jacket pocket for easy access is recommended.

4. Swimsuit and flip flops

Most hotels have pools or hot tubs and there’s no reason skiers can’t enjoy swimming in winter! Hot tubs are great for soothing muscles after a long day of skiing and snowboarding too.

5. Layers

Winter weather can be unpredictable and the cold can really spoil a day on the slopes. Look for jackets that have removable layers or inner shells. If the sun comes out and it gets too warm, a layer can easily be shed. Bringing some thinner layers or thermal clothing to wear under clothes keeps things lightweight yet keeps heat locked in.

6. Indoor shoes

Although most of a skier or snowboarder’s time will likely be spent outdoors, they will need indoor footwear as well. They shouldn’t  forget to pack sneakers or dress shoes/heels if they know they’ll be going out at night.

7. SPF

Just because they’re in a cold climate doesn’t mean they aren’t at risk of sun damage. The snow actually reflects sunlight which  makes skiers and snowboarders more likely to get a little too rosy-cheeked. They should remember to apply a minimum SPF 30 before they do any outdoor activities.

8. Hand and feet warmers

These super convenient little pouches do wonders to keep skiers and snowboarders warm and cozy! They’re about  the size of a pack of gum and are super flat making them easy to pack. They should be used right before hitting the slopes and will keep the user warm for hours.

9. Socks

Socks are super easy to pack. They’re small, lightweight and easily portable, so a pair or two can be shoved in a carry-on. There is no worse feeling than wet, cold feet. Nobody has ever regretted packing a few extra pairs.

10. Après ski clothing

A lot of travelers will make the mistake of only packing warm, comfortable clothes for the hills, but should not forget to bring clothes they can wear off the slopes. They won’t want to get stuck wearing a turtleneck and sweatpants to the hotel cocktail hour. Dresses, pants, shirts, blouses or even just jeans and shirts, work perfectly for any event.

Written by Maryssa Pitacciato.

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