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Home Office Skincare Routine

Home Office Skincare Routine

home office pandemic skincare routine

Due to the outbreak of the current Covid-19 pandemic worldwide, many people are encouraged, even obliged to stay home. While students and some professionals are on a mandatory holiday during this period, there are some people who take this opportunity and work from home. Freelancers, social media professionals, consultants, and even teachers who utilize modern technology to teach their classes – they are all bound to their living room. And sometimes, due to the lack of fresh air and the many distractions (chocolate, I’m talking to you!), our skin gets dehydrated and needs some love too.

Here are some home office skincare tips.

1. Make a homemade sour yogurt face mask with a dip of manuka honey for revitalizing and cleansing effect. This mask is great because of its natural bacteria in the yogurt. Bulgarian yogurt contains the so-called Lactobacillus bulgaricus which makes it not only delicious but also good for your skin. The mask can also be applied as anti-inflammatory as an after-sun care to calm any burn.

2. Coffee peeling – there are amazing brands that offer coffee as a main ingredient in their peeling products. Or if you find yourself bored at home during quarantine and home office (and you’ve seen everything on Netflix) try making coffee peeling. You can go DIY by mixing ground coffee with coconut oil and some sea salt for a special exfoliation treatment.

3. For a productive day at home, don’t go straight for the coffee. Make yourself a fresh ginger and lemon tea or lukewarm water with lemon. If you crave coffee, combine it with almond milk instead of dairy. Don’t forget to have your 30 min lunch break even at home, and then carry on with the emails. Good luck!

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