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Life/Relationship Coach, Lisa Sawicki Warns Against the Permanent Damage Isolation Can Do to Relationships

Life/Relationship Coach, Lisa Sawicki Warns Against the Permanent Damage Isolation Can Do to Relationships

Many relationships are extremely challenged right now with 24/7 self-isolation. Everyone is sensitive and every day, toxic damage is happening with many couples. Life and Relationship Coach Lisa Sawicki has a few helpful strategies to help keep relationships healthy and strong.

“10 Healthy Relationship Strategies to Avoid Permanent Damage”

  • Take the attitude to really partner together so that each partner can feel the support of each other and know “You will get through all of this together… with grace and ‘being on the same team’.” Everyone is highly sensitive right now. Be kind, empathetic and compassionate. Do not criticize, shame or blame.
  • Partners should schedule mutually available time (without the children or anyone near) to have a safe place to calmly communicate and problem solve what important needs and concerns they may have.
  • Set and prioritize goals together and stick to the plan unless something significant occurs and it needs to be altered. Both sides must HEAR each other’s point of view and agree to compromise.
  • Random acts of kindness go a long way. Surprising each other with a cup of tea, neck or foot massage, serving a meal or snack, physical and verbal affectionate, say “Thank you” for even the little gestures.
  • Give each other personal space in the home. Personal Space + Healthy Boundaries = Healthy Relationships
  • Find compromises for needed chores and problem solving. Have easy to make meals in the refrigerator so breakfast and lunch can be easily prepared. Make dinner relaxing ‘couple time.’
  • “Don’t Lose Yourself” – each person in the relationship should continue what they need and like to do even if their partner does not.
  • Each partner should make a list of Coping and Soothing Stress Relievers that they can do each by themselves together or for each other. Affection and humor are very bonding.
  • Create fun experiences together…there is a lot of fun things to do.
  • Both people should Care ENOUGH about the relationship and their partner to try their best even under these circumstances. It’s worth it!

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