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Nouri Announces Launch of Proactive Immune Solution

Nouri Announces Launch of Proactive Immune Solution

Nouri Announces Launch of Proactive Immune Solution-the evolve mag magazine-october

Since announcing Nouri’s national launch and distribution with Whole Foods Market earlier this year, the company has been focused on continuing to deliver solutions for today’s consumer. Nouri announces the introduction of their daily, proactive immune solution “Inner Immune.”

Many products in the immune category are designed to be taken only as needed. Nouri’s Inner Immune is built differently: to be a proactive solution by supporting the immune system through gut health. “While consumers generally relate gut health to digestive issues, science continues to show that it effects much more. 70% of the immune system resides in your gut and thus, a healthy gut equates to a healthier immune system,” says Nouri’s Leader of Science, David Keller.

The company, founded by 26-year-old Caroline Beckman, notes significant growth in the consumption of pre/probiotic supplements this year adding to the already substantial $59-billion-dollar gut health category. Specific to 2020, younger consumers are increasing their vitamin and supplement consumption, with 74% of millennials reporting that they are taking more supplements as a result of COVID-19.

Inner Immune combines daily vitamins and minerals with powerful prebiotics, probiotics, and a novel immunobiotic. In addition, the product includes L-Glutamine, Beta Glucan, and Colostrum IgG Power. Using plant substitutes for sugar, Inner Immune is deliciously free of sugar and calories. 

“My goal is to help this generation get ahead of problems that are bound to come. It’s not a matter of if our bodies will be challenged, it’s a matter of if we are equipping our bodies to respond properly,” says Beckman. She continues, “Inner Immune is really exciting for us. We are already seeing the great potential that we will have to reach more people and help them in a proactive way. There has never been a more urgent time for this solution.”

The product is delivered in a powder format to be dissolved into water, a smoothie, or a beverage. “In analyzing why consumers purchase food and beverages, we know that 63% of consumers purchase based on taste followed by 58% who purchase based on price,” Beckman adds, “in addition to a strength of science, both of these factors are extremely important to us.”

Nouri’s gut health solutions are available nationwide at,, and at all Whole Foods locations.

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