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Resort Villas by Haute Retreats: Personal Luxury Vacation To Enjoy With Your Family & Friends

Resort Villas by Haute Retreats: Personal Luxury Vacation To Enjoy With Your Family & Friends

For years, one of the many things that travelers love about staying in a hotel has been the familiarity and the comforts, from the initial greetings at check-in through all the stay including the luxury amenities and personalized welcome kits upon arrival in the suite or assigning the favorite suite, lately, this trend has changed. Technology, in some cases, replaced the front desk agents at some hotels by a tablet or in-app check-in. In 2012 Conrad launched the first hotel-branded app, now hotel apps are crucial for many travelers. There have been mergers and acquisitions and many hotel chains expanded creating large hotel brands making it easier for travelers to use their points and miles. 

The increasing number of short-term rental properties in the market also has changed the way travelers choose where to stay. There has been some issues regarding the lack of hospitality experience in many of the properties offered to create unpleasant stays. 

Resort Villas by Haute Retreats Punta Mita for travelers
Punta Mita

Haute Retreats combines the essence of the hospitality experience in a luxury hotel and the privacy and comfort of a luxury villa. What a luxury home gives are privacy and a flexible schedule. Haute Retreats has made a selection of villas that guarantees you vacation comfortably resort feeling but always giving you the exceptional and luxury feeling of a beautiful vacation villa. A resort villa is a luxury home where guests have all the services ensured in a luxury hotel with your own privacy. The selection of the villas go through a 350 point inspection furthermore a resort villa features services on the demand: a house manager (assisting guests from check-in to check out, arranging yoga lessons, tennis lessons, cooking classes, a private chef or cook – Michelin chefs are the most requested), daily maid service, butler service, personal trainers and all the facilities and amenities like a private gym, a private spa room, an indoor pool, a bar with a bartender, a home office and much more. There are also villas selected that are located within a luxury resort and have free access to the amenities of the resort: restaurants, beach clubs, spa…

Resort Villas by Haute Retreats: Personal Luxury Vacation To Enjoy With Your Family & Friends

Check-in and check-out times are usually the same as the check-in and check-out times hotels have. There are cases when your check-in is late but the villas selected have an in house manager that will be delighted to welcome you any time. Families have started to prefer and book a luxury home instead of a hotel so to have access to a private kitchen where guests can access anytime during the day. 

What Haute Retreats is including to its portfolio are resort villas. The hotel experience in USA background brought by Sabrina, CEO, and Founder, and also the management of luxury villas in Costa Rica made possible to blend the routine of a vacation resort in a stunning exceptional luxury villa stay with the difference that you can choose your style in a villa selected from Haute Retreats. 

New Purpose

With all these changes the goal remains to deliver the best personal luxury vacation your family and friends will enjoy. There are now more than 5 million new places where to stay than there were just a decade ago for travelers including eco-lodges, igloos and other different types of accommodations. Haute Retreats keeps an eye to the most full filling vacation in unique places in the world, a multigenerational vacation where everyone will take great memories back home. 

Resort Villas by Haute Retreats Personal Luxury Vacation for travelers
Punta Mita

Haute Retreats understands that human touch is not replaceable by technology or bots, but it considers human touch still the best way to create a difference.

“The human touch is that little snippet of physical affection that brings a bit of comfort, support, and kindness. It doesn’t take much from the one who gives it, but can make a huge difference in the one who receives it.”

Mya Robarts

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