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Something Big Is Coming… Sumo Citrus Season Is Almost Here

Something Big Is Coming… Sumo Citrus Season Is Almost Here

Sumo Citrus, one of the world’s largest and sweetest mandarins, makes its highly-anticipated return to stores across the country in January. Celebrated for its incredible taste and distinctive looks, the most beloved fruit of the decade is back and juicier than ever. For those searching for healthy (or just plain delicious) snack options in the New Year, look for the Sumo Citrus’ signature ‘top knot’ in fruit aisles nationwide. You won’t find Sumo Citrus piled up in the orange bin, however, this is a fruit that demands a place of its own.

Sumo Citrus sets itself apart from standard oranges in many ways. Starting with incredibly sweet taste. The experience of eating a Sumo Citrus is unlike anything else. It’s easy-to-peel, seedless and doesn’t make a mess—making it great for healthy, on-the-go snacking. So, where does Sumo Citrus come from?

The history of Sumo Citrus is unlike any other fruit in the world. The legendary seedless variety was originally cultivated in Japan in the 1970’s by a grower who set out to develop the perfect citrus fruit. It became known as the “dekopon” in Japan in reference to its distinctive top knot, and has been prized by citrus lovers ever since.

Only expert growers who know Sumo Citrus’ unique characteristics are able to cultivate it, pampering the fruit for eight months of the year for fans who have been eagerly awaiting the season. A handful of dedicated farms in California tend to and supply the US with this notoriously difficult-to-grow fruit. From tree to store, each Sumo Citrus is gently handled with significant care. They are hand-pruned, ripened on the tree, harvested in small totes instead of large bins and ride in special air-ride trailers so their delicate skin isn’t bruised. Each Sumo Citrus that makes it to the store is measured for sweetness and passes the highest standards of taste, size and texture. “It’s incredible what they do,” said Rick Johnston, EVP Sales and Marketing for Sumo Citrus. “Each individual grower’s dedication and passion for creating a superior citrus experience is truly inspiring.”

“We’re extremely excited for this upcoming Sumo Citrus season and to debut our new look,” continued Johnston, referring to the brand’s refreshed logo and packaging. The new look features vibrant colors and patterns that evoke its Japanese heritage. “There was such a great response to our product last season. The crop this season has exceptional quality, and we look forward to getting them back into the hands of our consumers.”

Not only is it delicious, Sumo Citrus is also a nutritious snack option. Each fruit is perfectly portioned and packed with vitamin C and fiber to keep you satisfied while also helping to boost your immune system during the cold winter months. Sumo Citrus is also Non-GMO Project Verified.

With Sumo Citrus season arriving soon to retailers across the country, try one for yourself and see what all the buzz is about. But be warned, once you’ve tried a Sumo Citrus, going back to standard oranges will be tough. Sumo Citrus is available only four months of each year, from January to April, but somehow the waiting makes it better.

Call it big, call it delicious, just don’t call it an orange.

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