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Tips for Dogs’ Days of Holiday Travel

Tips for Dogs’ Days of Holiday Travel

The winter holiday season is here, which means lots of travel to spend time with friends and family. Whether the destination is around the corner or a train, plane or automobile ride away, many will bring their dogs along since, well, they’re part of the family too.

No matter the distance, it’s important to plan ahead when traveling with four-legged family members.

Canopy by Hilton is one of a growing number of companies that’s working to help dogs and their people feel at home while on the road. The lifestyle hotel brand recently launched a partnership with BARK to provide canine guests with a thoughtful “welcome kit,” and its properties also place dog beds and water and food bowls in guest rooms in advance.

“Dogs ultimately want to ‘stay with their pack;’ in other words, they want to be with their humans at home and on the road, and Canopy hotels go the extra mile to make that possible and enjoyable,” explains Lisa Bernier, director of advocacy and social impact, BARK.

To help dogs and humans enjoy the season’s festivities together, Canopy and BARK have compiled the following tips to consider while preparing for holiday travels: 

Make a Plan: Create a packing list for the dog to ensure you bring everything he or she could need. Also, make sure to plan bathroom breaks at regular intervals during your trip.

Maintain a Routine: Try to stick to your dog’s normal routine as closely as possible — this includes serving meals and taking walks at similar times and intervals as at home.

Bring a New Toy: Dogs love new toys, so consider letting your dog open holiday “presents” early to help keep him or her occupied during the trip. You can also add a few drops of lavender or vanilla essential oils to the toy to help your pup feel calm and relaxed, especially if he or she is staying in a new place.

Burn off Energy: Take your dog on a longer walk or play an extra game of fetch each day. This will ensure your dog receives plenty of one-on-one attention to help him or her sleep if you plan to step out for a few hours.

Create a Zen Environment: Like humans, dogs take time to adjust to new surroundings. If you plan to leave your dog alone in a new environment, consider placing an item of your clothing on his or her bed (your scent is comforting!) or playing soothing music or white noise.

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