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Wellness Mama’s All-Natural ‘Wellnesse’ Personal Care Line Officially Launches Direct to Consumers

Wellness Mama’s All-Natural ‘Wellnesse’ Personal Care Line Officially Launches Direct to Consumers

Health and wellness-focused families now have access to a new line of safe, clean and 100% effective natural hair care and oral care products, courtesy of ‘Wellness Mama’ celebrity podcaster and DIY author Katie Wells.

It’s official! ‘Wellnesse’, an all-natural personal care product line formulated to work better than conventional alternatives, officially launches with free shipping across the continental United States. The passion project of award-winning blogger, author, and podcaster Katie Wells (widely known as ‘Wellness Mama’), Wellnesse offers families safe, effective personal care essentials including shampoos, conditioners, and whitening toothpaste at launch.

Wells, a mother of six, and her husband/co-founder Seth Spears are delivering on their mission to bring simpler, safe personal care options to homes across the country. Wells has been practicing and perfecting her personal care recipes for over a decade. Today, all Wellnesse products are cruelty-, GMO-, paraben-, and sulfate-free and delivered in recyclable cardboard packaging.

Wellnesse Products Are Highly Effective and Naturally Safe

“There are plenty of products that work well but contain ingredients that a lot of us prefer to avoid using in our homes or on our skin,” Katie Wells said. “I set out to create products that accomplish both, by being highly effective and still completely safe. After many, many rounds of formulation, I’m so excited to share these products with families across America.”

Wellnesse is dedicated to radical transparency and honesty, believing that it is not only possible but essential to create products that are safe for humans and for our planet.

“We go out of our way to make sure that we explain what the ingredients are, where they came from, why they’re beneficial, and where we sourced them,” Wells explained. “I believe that level of transparency is the antidote to a lot of the problems that we’re seeing in the world today.”

Visit to see full ingredient listings for each product, learn more about the Wellnesse product line, and shop now with free shipping on orders over $20.

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